Percentage to CGPA Calculator

The calculation of percentage in CGPA is a widely used method for measuring a candidate’s academic performance in India. The majority of schools and universities in India utilize the percentage method to evaluate a candidate’s academic performance.

Percentage to CGPA Converter

Percentage to CGPA Converter

How to convert percentage to CGPA?

If you have awareness of your percentage of marks achieved, it is possible to convert this percentage into CGPA. Below is the formula for math used to compute:

(Percentage / 9.5) = CGPA Final Value

The above formula works if your college or university uses a 10.0 grading scale. Divide your percentage by your grading scale point if it’s 4.0 or 5.0.

Use this CGPA to percentage converter to calculate your percentage.

What is CGPA?

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. In colleges and universities, the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is used as a metric to assess a student’s overall academic performance, based on the assignment of grades such as A, B, C, D, or F. CGPA is a metric that calculates the average grade point achieved in all subjects, excluding additional subjects, according to the study scheme. In India, the grading system is determined by the percentage achieved and varies across countries, reflecting their respective ideals and institutional approaches.

Understanding grading system

A grading system is a method used by educational institutions to assess a student’s overall academic achievement. The scoring system evaluates a student’s work by considering factors such as their proficiency, expertise, and understanding of a specific course or subject. While many grading systems are employed worldwide, the following are among the most frequently utilized:

1: Percentage-based grading system

This grading system calculates a student’s performance by correct answer percentage. Answering 70% of questions correctly earns a 70% grade.

2: Point-based grading system:

In point-based grading, students are graded on a point scale. Measurements are usually rated 0–100 or 0–10. The student’s performance is then converted to a percentage.

3: CGPA-based system

A favorite system. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). The grade points for all courses/semesters are added and divided by the total number of courses.

Conversion Table – Percentage Into CGPA

PercentageCGPA (Approx.)
95 percent in CGPA out of 1010.0
90 percent in CGPA out of 109.5
85 percent in CGPA out of 109.0
80 percent in CGPA out of 108.5
75 percent in CGPA out of 108.0
70 percent in CGPA out of 107.5
65 percent in CGPA out of 107.0
60 percent in CGPA out of 106.5
55 percent in CGPA out of 106.0
50 percent in CGPA out of 105.5
45 percent in CGPA out of 105.0
40 percent in CGPA out of 104.5

Calculate Percentage to CGPA

In this section, we provide percentage to CGPA conversion rates to help candidates understand their percentage scores.

Percentage ScoreCGPA ScorePercentage ScoreCGPA Score

How do I calculate my CGPA from percentage?

To convert percentage to CGPA, use the formula: CGPA = (Percentage ÷ 9.5). If your percentage is 45.5, your CGPA is 4.55

How much is maximum CGPA?

The maximum CGPA is 9.5–10.

How to calculate Percentage to CGPA Mumbai University

At Mumbai University, CGPA is converted to percentage using 7.1 * CGPA + 11. If your CGPA is 6.2, multiply it by 7.1 * 6.2 + 11 to get 55.02 percent.

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