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Collegesgyan team has created CGPA and GPA calculators specifically for students enrolled at VIT University. Use them to assess your grades for each academic term.

VIT CGPA Calculator

VIT CGPA Calculator

Semester Wise CGPA Calculator

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About VIT CGPA Calculator

A VIT CGPA Calculator is a beneficial online tool designed for students enrolled at Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). It helps you to determine your entire academic performance over all the semesters. In order to determine your CGPA, you will require your GPA score, which is calculated from the combination of subject grades and credit points. To calculate your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), simply input each of your grades and the related credit hours for each course. Use our VIT GPA CGPA calculators given above to easily determine your GPA and CGPA scores. Additionally, read this article to acquire knowledge on how to compute your CGPA and the fundamental formula.

How to use VIT CGPA calculator?

The VIT CGPA calculator is easy to use. Enter your course grades and credit hours to see the calculator work. Get your CGPA in seconds. Fast, transparent, and accurate, the process ensures fairness. This tool helps freshmen and seniors understand their academic standing and improve their CGPA.

In the end, this user-friendly tool helps students at all academic stages make wise decisions and progress by providing quick and accurate CGPA results.

What is the Scale of VIT Grade ?

The grading scale used at VIT is provided here, showing the allotted values for each grade in the classroom.


VIT CGPA Calculate Formula

Determine your VIT CGPA using this easy calculation that relies on the grade points and credit hours achieved in each topic.


VIT CGPA = (Total Grade Points Obtained) / (Total Credits)

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

Total Grade Points Obtained is the sum of each subject’s Grade Points times all subjects’ Credits.

The sum of all subject credits is total credits.

CGPA= ∑(GradePoints×CreditHours)​ / ∑CreditHours

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).
GradePoints are course grade points.
Each course has CreditHours.

How to Calculate VIT CGPA?

Step 1: Calculate the Course GPA

Multiply the VIT grade point by the credit hours for each course to calculate your course GPA.

For example, a 3-credit-hour course with an A (9) has a GPA of 27.

Step 2: Calculate Semester GPA for each semester (SGPA)

Add all semester course GPAs.

In that semester, divide the total by all course credit hours.

The result is your semester SGPA.

Step 3: Calculate Cumulative GPA (CGPA)

Follow these steps after obtaining semester SGPA:

Multiply each semester’s SGPA by its credit hours.

Add these products from all programme semesters.

Divide the total by the sum of semester credit hours.
The final result is your cumulative GPA.

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Example of Cumulative GPA Calculation

Assume a student took three semester courses with these grades and credit hours:

  • Course 1: A (6) with 2 credit hours
  • Course 2: B (9) with 4 credit hours
  • Course 3: A (7.5) with 3 credit hours

Each course’s GPA is calculated by multiplying grade point by credit hours:

  • Course 1 GPA = 6 * 2 = 12
  • Course 2 GPA = 9 * 4 = 36
  • Course 3 GPA = 7.5 * 3 = 22.5

Calculate the Semester GPA. Add all course GPAs and divide by total credit hours:

SGPA = (12+36+22.5) / (2+4+3) = 70.5/9 ≈ 7.83

The semester GPA is likely 7.83

Assuming the student’s first-semester SGPA was 8.2, calculate the CGPA in the second semester.

  • First Semester SGPA = 7.2 (Assumed)
  • Second Semester SGPA = 9.44

Calculate the CGPA using 9 total credit hours for both semesters.

  • CGPA = (7.2×9)+(9.44×9) / (9+9)
  • CGPA = (64.8+84.96)/18 ≈ 149.76 / 18 ≈ 8.32

So, Your  CGPA after two semesters is nearly 8.32.

VIT CGPA to Percentage Conversion Table

According to VIT University, CGPA to percentage is calculated as follows:

To calculate CGPA percentage, multiply by 10.

Example: CGPA 9.23 = 92.30%.

See the table below for VIT CGPA percentage ranges.

VIT CGPAEquivalent Percentage
9.0 – 9.990 – 99
8.0 – 8.980 – 89
7.0 – 7.970 – 79
6.0 – 6.960 – 69
5.0 – 5.950 – 59
Below 5.0Below 50

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