Online MBA in International Business: Fee, Eligibility, Jobs Complete Details

The Online MBA in International Business Management is a postgraduate program which offers a broad understanding of the operations associated with various aspects of globally connected businesses, including export and import procedures, strategies for approaching customers from different countries, and increasing capital in foreign markets. This is a two-year undergraduate program designed for students who already hold their bachelor’s degree. This program provides students with the expertise and abilities needed to engage in global business activities. This course covers a wide range of topics, including strategic leadership, managing across cultures, foreign marketing, and global supply chain processes.

online mba in international business

Introducing Online MBA Program in International Business Management

With the increasing globalization of businesses, this international business management course offers the necessary expertise and abilities for successfully managing the international market and accomplishing financial achievement. It provides individuals with strategies and techniques to establish a strong presence in the global business arena. The career opportunities in this management course are varied because of the growing presence of brands, companies, and corporate firms in international markets.

The Online MBA in International Business Management is an in-depth curriculum that goes for a duration of 2 years, divided into 4 similar semesters. Its main goal is to equip students with a deep understanding of global business operations. The university delivers training to equip employees with the necessary skills for success in the networked global market. The courses cover topics such as global marketing, managing across cultures, and strategic leadership.

Online mba in international business salary


The program is offered through an online platform, allowing individuals who are employed with more freedom to grow in their careers. Engaging in case studies and group projects provides students with practical experience, enabling them to improve their understanding of culture and make more informed decisions. The program concludes with a final assignment that ensures graduates’ ability to apply their acquired knowledge in resolving practical challenges in the field of international business. This equips them with the necessary skills to become intelligent leaders in a continually changing global business market.

Why choose Online MBA in International Business?

  • Online international business management MBAs are great investments in your future. This program offers online learning and comprehensive knowledge of the complex world of foreign business. Participants study management across cultures, strategic management, and global marketing approaches. This equips them for international company leadership.
  • Since classes are online, working professionals can enhance their skills without having time off. The program focuses case studies and a final project to ensure graduates apply theory concepts in real life. Global thinking is an essential for businesses today.
  • An Online MBA in International Business Management enables individuals to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in global business.
  • An Online MBA in International Business Management offers the most worldwide connection opportunities. Participants meet a diverse group of peers, talk to field experts, and collaborate with international professionals.
  • This linked learning environment makes learning fun and connects professionals worldwide. Networking with peers and business leaders from various backgrounds expands your perspective, improves your understanding of culture, and prepares you to lead in global business situations.

Eligibility for Online MBA in IB

After reviewing the goals and benefits of an MBA in International Business, do you qualify for this career or do you just meet the minimum requirements? Discover more!

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college with at least 50% marks is required.
  • SC/ST and PWD applicants must have 45%.
  • You can apply for an MBA in global business in your final year of undergrad.
  • No age limit or restrictions apply for an MBA in International Business.
  • Some universities require a national or university MBA entrance exam.
  • Note that college requirements may vary eligibility. Always check college eligibility before enrolling or consult experts.

What are the Course Fees of Online MBA In International Business?

MBA in IB may seem costly, but many public and private colleges offer it at low cost. Start applying after calculating a budget according to your savings and earnings. If you choose a college that suits your budget, preferences, and credibility, you can afford an MBA in International Business.

The MBA in International Business fee is also based on University facilities, location, faculty, campus, projects, and some other college resources

Delivery mode (regular, distance, online) also matters. For the two-year program, Delhi University (DU) charges INR 48,000*.However  Distance learning programs cost less than campus-based programs due to lower infrastructure and facility costs. Fees reflect many colleges’ reputations, accreditations, and resources. Choose affordable colleges.

Online MBA in International Business: Key Features

✅ UGC-DEB has approved an online and ODL MBA in International Business Management, making it a valid degree course.

✅ An demanding and interactive online MBA in International Business Management prepares students for rewarding careers in business management worldwide.

✅ Studying marketing worldwide, managing across cultures, and strategic leadership provides an in-depth knowledge of global business.

✅ Learning about other countries can prepare you for the challenges of conducting business abroad.

✅ Graduates will gain a comprehensive understanding of exports, imports, international market strategies, globalization, taxation, business ethics, and laws.

✅ This 2-year online MBA in International Business Management is postgraduate.

✅ This online course offers an industry-focused curriculum to prepare students for a successful career in international business.

✅ Online programs allow working professionals to pursue higher degrees without quitting their jobs.

✅ This online course offers advanced training in business, marketing, management, and finance, including case studies, discussions, and projects.

✅ This course offers good public and private sector career prospects.

✅ Meet industry experts and other professionals worldwide to build a large business network.

What are the course duration of Online MBA in International Business ?

An online MBA in International Business Management has a minimum duration of 2 years and a maximum duration of 4 years. Students are given an additional two-year period to complete all courses and papers at their own choice and in an adaptable way. Also, the length of the program is dependent on the institution and delivery methods used by each university. The flexible duration of the program caters to a diverse group of students, finding a middle ground between the desire for a fast completion and the practicality of managing job and family obligations concurrently.

Top Colleges for Online MBA in International Business

University nameFee Total
Amity Online MBAINR 1,83,000
GLA Online MBAINR 1,01,000
Manipal Online MBAINR 1,70,000/-
D.Y. Patil Online MBAINR 1,60,000
UPES Online MBAINR 1,50,000
Amrita Online MBA 
LPU Online MBAINR 1,40,000
Uttaranchal Online MBAINR 90,000
Chandigarh Online MBAINR 1,45,000

Online MBA in International Business Syllabus/Curriculum

An Online MBA in International Business Management course typically covers a wide range of essential topics that equip students with the abilities and expertise they need to excel on a global scale. The specific subjects may vary between different universities, but they usually consist of similar part:

  • Economics & Management Decisions
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Quantitative Techniques for Management Applications
  • Operations & Material Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Management & Contract Administration
  • Data Analytics
  • Research Methodology
  • International Business
  • Foreign Exchange Management and Trade Finance
  • International Marketing Management
  • Mergers, Acquisitions,  Procedure, Corporate Restructuring, Foreign Trade Policy, Documentation, and Dissertations
  • Business Leadership
  • Strategic Management and Business Policy
  • International Business Management
  • Elective

Admission Procedure

The online MBA in International Business Management requires some basic steps to register or be admitted.
Candidates must first visit the university’s website. Candidates must register as new users and complete the course application form. Candidates must provide all relevant information (personal, educational, professional, etc.) in the application form. Participants have to submit digital copies of required documents for university verification after entering their details. Candidate can then submit application and registration fees. Post-application verification, the university will send a confirmation email with the student enrollment number.

Financial Aid and EMI


Those looking for an Online MBA in International Business Management may get financial support through educational loans and no-cost EMI options. Many colleges and universities offer scholarships, loans, or installment agreements to assist with costs. Students can explore external scholarships, employer-sponsored programs, and government support programs.

Potential Job roles and Scope

Apart from employment in the private and public sectors, students who earned their MBA degree in international business management can find many national and global job prospects. Below are some of the broad fields of international business management a graduate in IBM can enter and particular job roles can occupy.

International Business Management Salaries in India
Field Average Salary (per annum in INR)
Key Account Management ₹8,00,000
International Marketing / Brand Management ₹7,50,000
Business Development ₹6,00,000
Finance/ Forex Management ₹10,00,000
Export-Import Management ₹6,50,000
Logistics Management ₹7,00,000
Risk & Compliance Management ₹9,00,000
International Business Development ₹8,50,000
Documentation & Project Management ₹6,50,000
Opportunity Mapping ₹7,00,000
International Business Law Management ₹8,50,000
Research & Advisory Services ₹7,50,000


Considering an online MBA in international business management? It’s perfect choice for professionals aiming for global success. You’ll master foreign markets, cross-cultural management, and strategic leadership—all vital in today’s globalized economy.

This flexible program lets you advance your skills without pausing your career. Networking with diverse peers and industry experts enhances your learning through real-world projects and case studies.

Prepare to lead strategically in the competitive world of international business—it’s an investment in new opportunities, professional networks, and essential skills.

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