LPU Online Review 2024- Good Or Bad?

LPU Online is the branch of Lovely Professional University (LPU), Punjab, which provides educational assistance to students through online methods. The institution is accredited by UGC and AICTE and provides courses including MBA, MCA, BCA, B.Com, M.Com, M.Sc., B.A, and M.A. The institution is highly renowned in the realms of academia and corporate enterprises. If you thinking about enrolling in a course at this university, continue reading to discover an in-depth LPU Online review based on multiple variables.

lpu online review
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Overivew Lovely Professional University (LPU)

LPU Online is an accredited institution certified by UGC-DEB, providing a variety of courses for students. It is a branch campus of Lovely Professional University, providing online education programs for students who are unable to join regular classes. The university provides a diverse selection of courses in the areas of Engineering, Management, Commerce, Arts and Humanities, Law, Health Sciences, and various other disciplines.

LPU started as a branch of the Lovely Professional University (LPU), which was founded in 2005. Lovely Professional University (LPU) is a prestigious educational institution that has been offering higher educational degrees and courses for over 15 years. LPU has now expanded its educational support services to students nationwide and globally by utilizing virtual learning platforms.

The university has received recognition and approval from major accreditation authorities in India, including the UGC, AICTE, WES, NIRF, and others. The institution offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in several disciplines such as business management, commerce, arts, and computer applications. The courses are delivered online through a Learning Management System (LMS), allowing students to access them for self-paced learning from any location and at any time.

What are the accreditation and approvals of LPU Online ?

ugc deb


WES Accredited



NIRF Rank 70


Ranked by QS World



LPU has consistently delivered high-quality higher learning to students for many years. Its online component, LPU Online, has also obtained significant accreditations and approvals from recognized accreditation agencies in India and globally, including:

LPU Online received all major accreditation and approval. This educational institute is highly reputable in India and would be a useful addition to your educational profile if you choose to continue higher study here.

Is LPU Online Degree Valid?

Yes, LPU online degrees have full authority and credibility, within India and globally, because of it has recognition by reputable bodies such as UGC, AICTE (for professional courses), WES, NIRF, and others.

What Courses does LPU Online Offer?

LPU Online provides courses in various major fields, including humanities, computer applications, sciences,  management, and commerce. Both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs are available, enabling students and interested candidates to select a course that aligns with their academic and career objectives.


How affordable are LPU online Courses?

LPU Online offers flexible and affordable courses for students to pursue higher education without challenges. The course prices are within an affordable range, making them accessible to students from diverse financial backgrounds. Additionally, students have the opportunity to finance their education through a semester-based payment plan, which allows them to make payments in installments. Students can enjoy additional advantages, such as a reduced course fee if they make a single payment or early admission to the university. Students can effortlessly enroll in courses offered by LPU Online.


Are the faculty members at Online LPU qualified and experienced?

The faculty of online courses is essential for any university, especially for online universities. In addition to academic qualifications, the faculty must possess expertise in effectively delivering education through virtual learning management systems (LMS), which differs significantly from traditional classroom settings. When selecting an online university, it is crucial to evaluate the faculty of the institution.

✅LPU Online is committed to providing students with a high-quality education that is equivalent to regular degree. To make sure , there is a highly qualified faculty that assists students in gaining an in-depth knowledge of the topics and course material.

✅Additionally, in order to enhance the educational experience of students, there are extra facilities such as webinars and interactive sessions with distinguished industrialists, professional specialists, and others. 

✅The primary objective is to offer students the opportunity to gain practical knowledge with realistic, practical issues and scenarios so as to apply the concepts they have learned. This also helps in their professional development.

Considering the faculty aspect, LPU Online can be an ideal option for you. The institution has highly skilled and experienced faculty members who are not only supportive but also available to address any problems or provide solutions for doubts.

Does Online LPU provide LMS support?

LPU Online has a certified Learning Management System (LMS) that has received recognition for its unique and efficient tools and learning amenities. It has been specifically created to enhance the learning experience of students by providing convenience, insight, and interest. This creates a comprehensive learning environment that enables students to learn at their own speed and maximize their course experience.

The exams and assessment facilities are efficiently conducted online, using proctored mode. The examinations are monitored through the utilization of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence technology, allowing students to simply take exams from a location of their preference.

Are there any student support facilities available at LPU Online?

LPU Online puts a strong focus on student support to provide the comprehensive settlement of students’ concerns and general development for future endeavors. The university provides support in several key areas, which are outlined below:

What are the Placement Facilities at Online LPU?

At LPU Online, there is a strong emphasis on placement and professional services. Students have access to a wide range of professional service facilities. The institution organizes virtual placement drives and provides various resources such as personalized mentoring for students, career counseling services, and incubator facilities to support existing businesses.

Virtual Placement DrivesIncubation for Businesses
Career Counselling
Guidance to Pursue Careers overseas, Crack Govt. Exams, etc.
CV Building Webinars and Workshops
Interaction with Professional Experts
Professional Improvement ProgrammeMock Job Interviews

LPU Online is a leading online university known for its excellent placement services. It offers a wide range of professional support facilities to students, including assistance with finding employment in companies and organizations, as well as support for starting businesses, pursuing careers abroad, and preparing for government exams. The comprehensive and specialized assistance provided by LPU Online sets it apart from numerous other online universities.

Conclusion: Is LPU Online Good or Bad?

Considering these factors and infrastructural facilities offered by the institution, it can be proven that LPU Online is an excellent option among the leading online universities in India. It has significant accreditations and authorizations from governing bodies in India, as well as an efficient Learning Management System (LMS) and strong placement help. Below are the primary unique features of the university that make it an excellent option for pursuing a degree:

  • UGC Accredited Online University 
  • recognized by WES, AICTE, AIU, etc.
  • We offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses at affordable prices with attractive fee concessions.
  • Quality faculty, 
  • effective LMS, and 
  • Full professional and placement support.

FAQ: Related LPU Online Review

Can i get scholarship at LPU Online?

Currently, LPU Online does not offer scholarships. However, early admissions and students who pay the course fee in a single installment are eligible for discounted fees.

Is LPU Online UGC approved?

Yes, LPU online has been approved by UGC and accredited byAICTE

Does LPU Online provide placement support?

Yes,LPU Online conducts regular virtual placement drives and provides additional professional support services, including career guidance, mentorship, training, and grooming sessions.

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