Jain Online University Review- Good or Bad?

Jain Online, a division of Jain (Deemed-To-Be) University, is an accredited institution recognized by UGC and AICTE. It offers online education to students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The university is accredited A++ by NAAC and focuses the complete development of students, highlighting expanding of their academic and professional views.

jain online review
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Overview of Jain Online University

Jain University Online Learning was established in 1990. Jain University was previously referred to as Sri Bhagavan Mahayar Jain College (SBMJC). It has been recognized by NIRF as one of the leading institutions in India and has received an A grade accreditation from NAAC.

This university is recognized as an educational hub for students coming from many places across the world. While there are many sorts of MBA colleges in India that provide MBA degrees in different modes of study, 

What are the accreditations and approvals of Online Jain University ?

Online Jain University has all major recognitions and approvals 

  • UGC -University Grants Commission
  • AICTE-All India Council of Technical Education  
  • IOA-Institute of Analytics
  • IFM-Institute of Financial Markets 
  • IOA-Institute of Analytics
  • CIM-The Chartered Institute of Marketing 

Is Jain Online Fee affordable?

At Jain Online University, the focus is on growing educational support to greater sections of students, for which one of the primary concerns was to offer courses at reasonable and affordably priced pricing. 

  • Hence, fee structures for different courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels have been established with consideration for financial constraints that students may face. 
  • Plus, there is the option to pay the course fees in manageable payments during each semester. This reduces the pressure of excessive costs from students.
  • Education costs for all courses, save for the certificate programs, can be paid in reasonable and affordable installments each semester, allowing students to pursue their studies without accruing major costs.

 The fee structure of online amity university is listed below along wiht courses

Online MBA1,20L to 2Lakh(based on specializations)
Online MCA2lakh INR
Online MA70,000 INR
BBA Online1.5lakh to 2.4lakh(specialization based)
B.Com Online1Lakh INR
Online Certificate Course12000INR

What are the Courses Offered by Online Jain ?

It is essential to verify if the university being considered offers the specific course that the student want to pursue, as not all colleges provide all types of courses. An e-learning institution that provides a diverse range of courses ensures that it addresses the distinct academic requirements of its pupils.

UG CoursePG Course

In addition, students have the opportunity to specialize in specific areas within each degree program. This means that students can select a course from a diverse range of online degrees and certificate programs, taking into consideration factors such as the duration of the course, academic discipline, and other relevant factors. 

How experienced are the faculty members at the university?

The university’s faculty members are highly qualified and proficient in delivering courses through virtual platforms. They are readily available to provide support and promptly address student inquiries and concerns through the university’s Learning Management System (LMS).

Does Jain online provide LMS and academic pedagogy support ?

A student has to prepare himself with multiple tools and assess whether the online institution have enough assets to provide seamless course delivery and relevant learning.

✅An effective Learning Management System (LMS) should include a comprehensive range of tools and components that enable students to participate in both live and recorded lectures and modules, seek more information for any uncertainties, monitor their academic progress, and perform other related tasks.

✅The university’s Learning Management System (LMS) offers a range of valuable functionalities that enable students to engage with faculty and peers, participate in discussions, study at their preferred speed, assess and evaluate their learning progress, and acquire practical insights by applying concepts in case studies and examples.

Interactive Group Projects
Online Assignments
Multimedia Learning Content
Digital and Printed Learning Materials
Access to Live and Recorded Lectures
Discussion Forums

The university offers various avenues for students to acquire knowledge, such as audio-visual and textual resources. In addition, students have access to resources that allow them to engage with their peers through collaborative projects and contact with faculty members through live lectures. The LMS at Jain Online University is highly efficient and facilitates successful course delivery.

How Jain Online conduct the examination?

Some students raise concerns regarding the format and method of exams for an online course. It is common for students to have this concern, and they should inquire about the course’s evaluation method to determine if they are adequately prepared to participate in the process.

✅ At Jain Online University, students receive evaluation that includes both formative and summative parts of assessment.

✅ Self-assess is made very clear. Students can assess their understanding and progress by using the learning management system (LMS) features of online quizzes, tests, case studies, essays, and assignments, among others.

✅ The assessment includes tests conducted online. These examinations are carefully monitored and allow students to take them from any location that is convenient for them.

So Jain Online University has built enough flexibility into its assessment and examination system. Students are afforded the comfort of taking their final exams regardless of their location, as long as they have access to a reliable internet connection and a smart digital device.  

Does Jain Online University provide Student Support System?

Students at Jain Online University have the option to contact the university’s helpline and student support services either by calling a toll-free number or by sending an email.

✅ The method of resolving queries and addressing student complaints at Jain Online University is simple and quick.

✅ University provides students with placement aid through organized placement drives.

Does Jain Online offers Placement Support System?

Jain Online University offers students placement services that help with their job search in renowned and large companies. There are also other specialized assistance programs that focus on preparing students to be smooth, properly prepared, and well-informed about the industrial and professional world and its demands.

The career placement assistance at Jain Online University is meticulously designed to not only offer students the chance to secure their desired job but also to actively provide them with the necessary skills and preparation, so giving them an edge over their peers in the job market.

Placement Partners

FacebookICICI Bank
InfosysHDFC Bank


Following the multiple aspects, it can be determined that the institution is an excellent choice for pursuing an online degree or certificate course. The university stands out from its competitors by offering a wide selection of courses at an affordable price, providing effective LMS support, and offering prospects for job placement.

If you are planning to pursue distance education at Jain Online University, it can be an ideal choice for you based on the facts listed above.

Jain Online Review Related FAQ

Is Jain Online Degree Good?

Jain University rank is 91-95th among Indian universities and all courses offered by Jain are UGC-approved, and MBA and MCA technical courses are AICTE-approved. So getting online degrees from Jain is good option. 

Is Jain Online University ugc approved?

Yes Jain University Online is UGC Approved and accredited by AICTE 

Is jain Online MBA degree valid?

Yes Jain Online MBA program is UGC-approved, and accredited by AICTE. So Online MBA degree from Jain University is valid. You can go for Jain Online MBA.

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