Review of Mangalayatan University Online: Worth for Career Goals?

Choosing the best university and degree for pursuing further studies is an important option that can have an important impact on one’s job prospects. When considering UG and PG programs, students frequently explore different options to identify the most suitable match for their goals and aspirations. This blog serves the Review of the Mangalayatan University Online and look at its pros and cons. The objective is to provide prospective students with the necessary information to make a wise choice.

review of mangalayatan online

Overview of Mangalayatan University

Mangalayatan University, established in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, is a renowned university offering a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, include engineering. The university’s objective is to deliver high-quality education and support complete growth of its students. .

Mangalayatan University Online was founded on the core principles of prioritising student interests and recognizing the constant and ever-expanding nature of knowledge, which requires a mindset of a sense of curiosity These principles are the fundamental basis of our institution.

This University is known for fostering positive thinking and aims to promote a culture of hard work, flexibility, and providing individuals with the latest skills and strong social and personal values. Their objective is to equip students with the essential skills and ethical principles needed to flourish in a rapidly evolving world.
This University aim create specific goal of bringing industry practices into the curriculum. These programs aim to provide aspiring individuals from various industries with the opportunity to enhance their career prospects. The program enables students to acquire and adjust new skills, allowing them to surpass their peers in a highly competitive work.

What are the Accreditations and Approvals of Mangalayatan Online ?

Mangalayatan University received multiple approvals and accreditations, which are outlined as below:

ugc deb





ACITE Approved

Grade NAAC A+

What are the Courses Offered by Mangalayatan University Online?

Mangalayatan University online PG programs

CoursesDurationEligibiltyFees (INR)
Online M.B.A.2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
INR 15,000 / Semester
Online M.B.A. Plus2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
₹ 23,000/- Per Semester
Online M.B.A. Pro2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University₹ 58,500/
Online M.Com.2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
9000/- Per Semester
Online M.C.A.2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
15000/- Per Semester
Online M.C.A. Plus2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
23,000/- Per Semester
Online M.C.A. Pro2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
₹ 58,500/- Per Semester
Online M.A. (Political Science)2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
8000/- Per Semester
Online M.A (Education)2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
8000/- Per Semester
Online M.A. (English)2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
8000/- Per Semester
Online M.A. (Public Administration)2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
8000/- Per Semester
Online M.A. (JMC)2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
8000/- Per Semester
Online M.Sc. (Mathematics)2 YearsBachelor Degree from Recognized University
12000/- Per Semester

Does Mangalayatan Online provide EMI options?

Yes, EMIs are offered for all courses, including Bachelors and Masters at Mangalayatan Online, to individuals who are part of the defense personnel, handicapped, BPL candidates, and general candidates. Our goal is to ensure that your education is conveniently available and simple.

Are Mangalayatan Online Courses are Affordable?

Students often prioritize quality and affordability when choosing an online degree program. Mangalayatan Online stands out in its commitment to high-quality, affordable education.

Mangalayatan Online offered affordable online course tuition fees, unlike many other universities. This approach makes education more accessible and shows that the school is dedicated to removing financial obstacles to academic success.

Students appreciate Mangalayatan University’s online courses because of their transparent and affordable fees. The university has enabled students to succeed without high tuition by offering affordable rates without cutting corners.

CoursesFees (INR)
Online M.B.A.Total fees ₹ 67000
Online M.A. (English)Total fees ₹ 37000
Online M.Sc. (Mathematics)Total fees ₹ 55000
Online M.Com.Total fees ₹ 41000
Online M.C.A.Total fees ₹67000

How's the faculty of Mangalayatan University online: experienced or not?

The faculty consists of highly qualified people from academia as well as industry. Enhances the classroom atmosphere with real-life expertise, providing students with practical knowledge and insight that beyond abstract concepts.

Mangalayatan University Online LMS

Mangalayatan University’s online learning platform is driven by a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) to give students a seamless education. This simple and efficient LMS lets students easily access course materials, participate in discussions, submit assignments, and track their progress.

Our LMS is easy to use and has many learning-enhancing features. Interactive multimedia resources and real-time progress tracking tools give students everything they need to succeed.

Mangalayatan University’s LMS has a user-friendly interface that simplifies online learning and gives students the tools they need to succeed.

What Is The Admission Process of Mangalayatan Online?

To enroll in Mangalayatan University ’s Online program, you need to submit the application form on their admission portal and provide the specified documents:

Start by clicking “REGISTER” and entering your information. Your screen will display admission steps after you complete the form. Carefully follow the instructions and apply for your desired courses.

  • Visit the Mangalayatan University Official Website
  • Hover on Admission Tab at header choose Apply now
  • Enter Your Full name, Phone, Email
  • Choose your Program and Specialization
  • Verify the captcha and Click on “Register Now”

Does Mangalayatan Online provide Students support?

Yes, Mangalayatan Online provide students support such as :

  • Virtual Campus tour
  • Workshops/ seminars
  • Live videos
  • Programs for personalities development
  • Placement assistance lifetime.
  • Online source of assistance
  • Meetings of mentorship
  • Alumni interaction
  • LMS training
  • Help center

Does Mangalayatan Online offers Placement Assistance?

Yes, Mangalayatan Online University provides placement assistance to students, even in online learning. A dedicated team offers career support, helping students develop resumes and prepare for interviews. Expert guidance and partnerships with multiple companies ensure placement support upon course completion.

mangalayatan online placement


Is Mangalayatan Online Degree Valid?

Yes , The Degree offered by Mangalayatan Online is globally valid as this university has been approved by UGC accredited by ACITE and NAAC A+

Is Mangalayatan Online MBA Good?

Yes, Mangalayatan University’s online MBA is recommended. The comprehensive curriculum, efficient online learning platform, and excellent faculty support provide a deep understanding of the topic and prepare students for their careers.

When was Mangalayatan University established?

The Mangalyatan University was established in 2006 in Aligarh. UP by LATE. SHRI PAWAN JAIN

Where is Mangalayatan University located?

Mangalayaan University is located in 20 kms from the Yamuna Expressway in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh 202145

Is Mangalayatan Online approved by UGC?

Yes, Mangalayatan University Online is approved by UGC and accredited by AICTE

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