Vignan University Online Review: Valid or not?

vignan online university review

Close eyes! Remember the first day your dad dropped you off at school. Don’t remember? You were not old enough for this.

However, you are an adult when you start college. You can now make your own college choices, and you may have certain criteria in mind.

When we begin our second academic journey, it is hard to pack up and leave behind the warmth and ease of our old life, where everything was easy and happy and there’s no challenge seemed too big.

These days University offers many new opportunities so the future of your life can be full of fun, new learning, and great memories with friends.

Not to forget! It could be one of your most necessary part of your life because it affects your future. Let’s explore Vignan University Online, one of the most respected colleges in education industry that offers flexibility and new experiences.

Overview of Vignan University Online

Vignan University has expanded its academic offerings to include online learning through the founding of Vignan Online University, as well as to the existing on campus mode of education. The university has been providing excellent educational services since 2008. The campus of this university is located in the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, India. 

The university offers a variety of BBA, MBA, BCA, and MCA courses in several specializations via distance learning. Over the past 45 years, the university has gained recognition, particularly in the world of science and technology, and has made significant contributions to the field of education. Let us explore more information about this university and carefully evaluate whether Vignan Online is good or bad for the students.

Vignan University Online : Highlighting Key Features

✅Vignan Online is an online learning university offering many courses in management and computer applications.

✅Vignan University was founded in 2008 and began offering educational programs in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh.

✅It is an online edition of Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology, and Research (VFSTR), which is recognized as a university.

✅The university holds major accreditations and approvals from UGC-DEB, NIRF, ISO, NAAC A+ and AICTE.

✅Vignan University went from from offering on-campus educational courses for 45 years to now offering online education, because to its demand and innovations in technology.

✅Vignan Online offers its learning programs to students worldwide, utilizing advanced technologies and an effective learning pedagogy.

✅Online education is provided by a Learning Management System to allow students to learn at their own comfort.

Is Vignan Online hold Accreditations and Approvals?

The Vignan University Online has obtained approval and recognition from many notable organizations. These approvals serve as value of the education’s high quality, authenticity, and its national and global acceptance.

This University has been approved by the following major government organizations:

  • NIRF Rank 75th
  • NAAC Grade A+
  • ISO

Undoubtedly, Vignan Online is accredited and officially approved. The degree offered by this university has global validity and recognition.

What are the Courses Offered by Vignan University Online?

Vignan Online offers many programs and specializations in the field of management, information technology, and computer applications. These programs are offered at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There is a wide range of specializations for students to choose from.

The courses with specializations offered by Vignan Online are as mentioned below:

CoursesDurationFees (INR)
BBA (General)3 Years
BCA (Computer Science & IT)3 Years1,20,000/-
MBA (Human Resource Management)2 Years1,00,000/-
MBA (Information Technology)2 Years1,10,000/-
MBA (Logistics & Supply Chain)2 Years1,10,000/-
MBA (Finance)2 Years1,00,000/-
MBA (Finance & Human Resource Management)2 Years1,10,000/-
MBA (Operations Management)2 Years1,10,000/-
MBA (Marketing)2 Years1,00,000/-
MBA (Healthcare & Hospital Management)2 Years1,10,000/-
MBA (Business Analytics)2 Years1,10,000/-
MCA (Data Science)2 Years1,10,000/-
MCA (Computer Science & Information Technology)2 Years1,10,000/-

Is Vignan Online Courses are Affordable?

Yes, unlike many other universities, the tuition fee for Vignan University’s online courses is quite reasonable. The affordability of Vignan University’s tuition fee, combined with its dedication to offering an excellent level of education, attracts students to choose it for their online learning.

CoursesFee Structure (per year)
Bachelor of Arts (BA)₹11,000 /-
Bachelor of Arts – Mass Communication and Journalism ₹22,000 /-
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)₹13,000 /-
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)₹20,000 /-

How's the faculty of Vignan online: experienced or not?

Vignan University offers a team of intellectual and experienced faculty members. They are not only connected with students to deliver excellent instruction, but also assist in providing them with practical knowledge about real-world issues and help them to gain practical experience that is essential in today’s changing corporate and business world.

Vignan online teachers are proficient in LMS and virtual teaching. They are skilled at using tech to teach and answer student questions.

Vignan’s faculty and students have access to industry experts to learn about industry trends.

Many academic experts are available to answer students’ questions and guide them through their experience.

Vignan Online LMS

The Vignan Online LMS comes with many helpful features to help students in their online learning process. The university’s Learning Management System (LMS) offers students a highly immersive learning experience that simulates being in a physical classroom. It provides a range of educational resources, including live and recorded lectures, as well as pre-recorded lectures. There is a chat feature available to address any doubts or questions that students may have. Convenient and flexible learning resources are available to students for their comfort and convenience.

What Is The Admission Process of Vignan Online?

To enroll in Vignan University’s Online program, you must complete the form on their admission portal and provide the specified documents:

  • Grade 10 Marksheet
  • Marksheets for all UG semesters, including Class 12th.
  • Indian Student Adhaar Card.
  • NRI passport and academic banking credit details if applicable.

Student Support Facilities available at Vignan online ?

Vignan Online provides comprehensive student support services that are accessible 24/7 to address any doubts or inquiries students may have. Let’s familiarize ourselves with the student support amenities offered at Vignan Online.

Does Vignan Online offers Placement Assistance?

Vignan Online University offers placement assistance to their students, even in the online learning mode. The university has a specialized team that specifically focuses on offering career support to the students. The team assists the student in developing proficient resume-building skills, as well as conducting interview preparation sessions. The student gets career guidance from a variety of experts who are available to assist them. Vignan has established partnerships with multiple companies to offer placement support to students upon completing the course.

  • HDFC Bank
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Honeywell
  • ICICI Bank
  • EY

Vignan Online obviously helps students with placement. Because of industry partnerships and university career support. Young entrepreneurs mentor and inspire students in career matters. These features set Vignan Online apart from other online universities.

Conclusion: Should i go for Vignan Online or not?

The question students are facing that Vignan university Online is good or not. After carefully evaluating and considering all the factors, We can be agreed that Vignan Online is an excellent university to pursue your further education. The University has obtained all the required accreditations and approvals, as well as a highly functional Learning Management System (LMS) and assistance with job placement.


Q1: Is Vignan Online Degree Valid?

Yes, Vignan Online degree fully valid because All courses offered by the University are accredited by UGC-DEB. According to UGC’s official guidelines, online degrees are considered equivalent in value to Regular degrees.

 Q2:Is Vignan University UGC Approved?

Yes, Vignan University is Approved by UGC .

Q3:Is Vignan Online MBA Good?

Given the fact that Vignan University is well-known for its offering of high-quality education, it is beyond question excellent and of exceptional quality.

Q4:Is Vignan University Online accredited b AICTE?

Yes Vignan Online is AICTE Accredited University

Q5:Does Vignan Online provide placement assistance?

Vignan University, with a history of 45 years in the education sector, offers placement services to its students in prestigious companies such as HDFC Bank, Honeywell, ICICI Bank, EY, Facebook, and Google.

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