Online Manipal University Review 2024: Good or Bad?

Choosing a university for an online degree is possibly a challenging decision to make. Before to deciding on a university for your online degree, it is important to take note of a few factors. Online Manipal provides students with the opportunity to earn online degrees from prestigious institutions such as Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ), Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), and Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). Online Manipal assisted many students to fulfill their potential by offering them industry-relevant degrees and cutting-edge certifications from top colleges and institutes through a fully online platform. This blog explores the key aspects to consider when choosing a university for an online degree and highlights why Online Manipal may be the best choice for you.
online manipal university review
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Online Manipal Introduction

Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) is an accredited university that has received approval from the University Grants Commission (UGC) and has been certified with a grade of A+ by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). MUJ is known for its pioneering efforts in providing education that focuses on the needs of the industry. In 2021, Manipal University Jaipur received approval from the University Grants Commission (UGC) to provide online degree programs. 

The first batch started their studies in April 2021, marking a significant milestone for the university. Manipal University Jaipur offers online degrees offered by highly regarded faculty, attracting a wide range of students including both recent graduates and professionals from various areas and nations.

The university currently offers a range of online programs, including an online MBA, online BBA, online MCA, online BCA, online BCom, online MCom, and online MA JMC.

What are the benefits of Manipal online University?

There are several significant reasons to choose Online Manipal as your first choice for pursuing an online degree.

1:UGC Degree:

Online Manipal provides students with the opportunity to earn UGC-recognized degrees from a top college that have received accreditation from NAAC. These online degrees are equivalent to traditional on-campus degrees and recognised by governments, corporate organisations, and higher education institutions.

2:Attractive scholarships Options:

We provide appealing scholarships for individuals in the defence sector, government employees, those with disabilities, academically exceptional students, and others.

3:Webinars and simulations for business:

Participate in webinars conducted by industry professionals to acquire specialised knowledge relevant to the sector. Engage in practical workshops and obtain certification in cutting-edge technologies such as Metaverse, AI Modelling, Blockchain, and other advanced fields.

 4:E-learning content:

Explore big digital libraries containing over 200,000 e-books. Acquire proficiency in programming and execute coding projects in a cutting-edge programming environment.

5:Flexible class schedule:

Students have the opportunity to participate in real-time classes and watch pre-recorded lectures at their convenience. They can also connect with professors in real-time to address queries and take online tests from the comfort of their own homes by scheduling a time slot that suits them.

6:Placement Support:

Boost your chances of securing job through taking advantage of specialised career and placement support services. Participate in career-readiness classes, courses on resume development, and webinars conducted by specialists. Additionally, engage in online placement events.

#3.Key factor of Online Manipal University

Manipal Online University’s Accreditations and Approvals

Online Manipal University acquired all the necessary authorizations and has been officially recognized by the major authorities of the country, as mentioned below:

  • UGC
  • ACU
  • NAAC A+
  • WES
  • IQAS
  • BCI

Online Manipal University holds many accreditations, ensuring that the online degrees and certificates acquired from this institution are reliable, genuine, and recognized both domestically and globally.

ugc deb

UCG-DEB Entitled

WES Accredited


ACITE Approved

Grade NAAC A+ Accredited

What are the course and eligibility offered by Manipal Online?

Manipal University provides a diverse range of courses, including both certificate and degree programmes, through online platforms. These courses are available to students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as to working professionals. They cover a wide range of fields including humanities, mass communication, science, commerce, and management.

MBABachelor : 50 %
Exams : MATXAT+2 More
MCABachelor : 50 %
B.AExams : CBSE 12thISC+1 More
M.A.– / –
B.Com10+2 : 45 %
Exams : CBSE 12thISC+1 More
BCA10+2 : 45 %
Exams : CBSE 12thISC+1 More
BB10+2 : 45 %
Exams : CBSE 12thISC+1 More
PG DiplomaBachelor : 50 %
M.Sc.Bachelor : 50 %
CertificateBachelor : 50 %
M.ComBachelor : 50 %

Are the fees for Manipal Online programs affordable?

It is important to evaluate the expense of the available courses to ensure that both the university and the desired program align with your financial goals for higher education. Typically, online and distance courses are more cost-effective compared to regular offline courses, which tend to be more costly. If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative for higher education that provides good value for your investment, you have the option to select an online course

Following are the listed course fees for several degrees and certificate programmes offered by Online Manipal:

M.A JMC1.30lakh
PGCP (cloud computing)1.50lakh

Faculty Qualifications at Online Manipal

At Online Manipal, the faculty members are highly qualified and specialised in their specialties, having extensive teaching experience, including distance learning. This ensures that students have the opportunity to learn from top-notch specialists in their industry and acquire valuable insights related to their courses. The institution boasts itself on its large faculty size, which exceeds 3000 people. 

Additionally, more than half of the faculty holds doctoral degrees. The faculty is committed to fostering the complete growth of students, including both their personal development and the growth of their academic and professional knowledge and abilities.

 The faculty members are cooperative, helpful, and readily accessible to students for academic questions and other concerns.

Does Manipal Online provide LMS and Learning Pedagogy?

Online Manipal has created an efficient Learning Management System (LMS) featuring a user-friendly interface. This platform allows students to learn skills and successfully complete courses, even with limited connection speeds.

 It offers access to both live and recorded lectures, as well as opportunities to reinforce learning through quizzes, activities, and online examinations.

How does Manipal Online conduct examinations?

Evaluating the procedure of online tests is an important factor when looking at an online university. The university must have a solid pre-existing structure that allows students to easily participate in tests without facing any issues.
Online Manipal University has a versatile assessment process, shown below:

The evaluation technique at Online Manipal University offers sufficient liberty. The method is helpful for students as it allows them to take their tests from any location, as long as they have a reliable internet connection and a digital smartphone or tablet.

Does Online Manipal provide student support facilities?

Student support facilities play an important role in helping students address any issues they face in a quick and efficient manner through online platforms. This is particularly significant because students have limited or no time to physically visit the school for query or concern resolution. It is beneficial for students to have access to the administrative department, technical department, and professors in order to address and resolve any issues they might face during their degree programme.

✅Students at Online Manipal University have multiple channels for interaction available to them, including email, WhatsApp, and phone, for solving queries or problems.

✅The university also facilitates interactive sessions between students and teachers to address any queries or concerns.

✅Furthermore, students are offered placement aid in addition to amenities such :

Does Manipal Online provide placement facilities and support ?

Since simply a degree or certification in a subject is not enough and students need to be trained and aware of the professional specifics of a sector before searching placements, placement and professional aid are crucial. This approach includes professional training, exposure to industry experts, placement drives, and more to assist students develop their career domains, skills, and networks.

Online Manipal University prioritises the students’ professional growth alongside achieving educational objectives efficiently. The university provides various resources such as professional mentorship, career counselling services, professional training, and virtual job fairs.

CV BuildingExperts Mentorships
Career Counselling EventInterview Skills growth session

Is Online Manipal University Good or Bad? Conclusion

Considering all these facts, it is likely believed that Online Manipal University is a good option for pursuing higher education in an online format. The institution possesses all the major accreditations and recognition, offering a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at affordable rates, added by scholarship opportunities.

The platform features a highly effective Learning Management System (LMS) with a user-friendly interface, and also offers support for student placement. After taking into account all the relevant elements, Online Manipal University emerges as a highly recommended option among the several online universities in India.

#12. FAQ Related Manipal Online Review

Are Manipal online degrees worth it?

Yes choosing MUJ as your online education provider is highly beneficial because of its recognition by UGC, certification by AICTE, and NAAC A+ grade accreditation.

Is manipal online degree and regular degree are same?

The main difference between an online degree and a regular full-time degree is the ability to study from any location, provided there is an internet connection and access to a computer, in the case of the former. Online learning platforms provide extensive flexibility across multiple fields, allowing students to acquire knowledge regardless of their situation or conditions.

is online Manipal ugc approved?

Yes, Online Manipal University has been approved by UGC and AICTE(technical programs)

Can i get Scholarship option at Online Manipal?

Yes, Online Manipal offers scholarships for military, disabled, and government students. Students can also receive merit-based scholarships.

Does Online Manipal provide placement supports?

Online Manipal University regularly conducts virtual hiring events for students, along with providing various other services such as career counselling, training for developing soft skills, workshops for building CVs, and webinars featuring industry professionals.

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