UPES Online Review: Good or Bad?

upes online review
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Overview of UPES Online

UPES online is a renowned University that specializes in offering professional and technical degrees in the fields of energy, petroleum, and aviation management. Established in 2003, it has recently expanded its high-quality education to professionals in the workforce via a distance (blended) mode. The institution has obtained approvals and accreditations from reputable organizations such as the University Grants Commission (UGC), Association of Indian Universities (AIU), and QS. The university provides weekend courses and distance learning mode to assist professionals in pursuing further education.

UPES Online  offers students the opportunity to enroll in degree courses such as Diplomas, and Certificates. There is an academic system that comes with an LMS (Learning Management System) and offers opportunities for students to engage in self-paced learning.
If you considering UPES CCE to your higher education, go through this blog to learn a comprehensive review based on several crucial factors.

Is UPES Online Accredited/Approved?

UPES Online holds approval from multiple accrediting bodies in India and received many awards as one of the top universities in the discipline of energy studies. The following are the primary accreditations and approvals of UPES CCE:

ugc deb
naac a
QS 5* Rating

The UPES Online courses have received approval from major accrediting organizations with fully recognized and accepted in India and globally as well.

Which Courses are Offered by the UPES Online?

UPES CCE is a prestigious university that specializes in offering high-quality degrees and courses in various fields such as management and energy studies. This university offers a wide variety of degree, certification, and diploma programs in various specialized fields. These programs are specifically tailored for working professionals, helping them to continue their employment while seamlessly completing their studies.

✅Postgraduate Degree Course:

MBA (International Business)
MBA (Aviation Management)
MBA (Power Management)

✅Certification Courses:

IT & Project Management
Happiness Programme

✅Postgraduate Programme Courses:

Power Management
Oil & Gas
Renewable Energy
Data Science
International Business
Aviation Management
Logistics & Supply Chain

✅Diploma Courses

Diploma In Oil & Gas
Diploma in Health Safety & Environment
Advanced Diploma in Health Safety & Environment
Diploma in Power Management
Logistics & Supply Chain
Diploma in Aviation Management

UPES Online is a reputable distance university that offers well designed courses in specialized fields such as energy studies, management, and information technology. The program offers various specializations that enable students or professionals passionate about the field to successfully complete these courses in a blended distance learning mode, with support from their peers. .

Are the Courses offered by UPES Online affordable or costly?

The course fees at UPES Online have been set with consideration for the various financial status of students, and as result, they are within an affordable range, Students can pay their fee on a semester basis for both UG and PG program. The course fees for all courses are within an range of INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000.

Diploma Program40,000INR
Online BBA1.80lakh
Distance MBA1.35 lakh-1.50lakh
Online BCAINR 1,50,000
PG Programs
INR 69000-1,80,000(Based on Specialization)
Certification ProgramsINR 30,000

In addition, students have the option to make installment payments for both degree and postgraduate programs. This helps you to continue your college studies while also pursuing your career, without a financial burden.

Are the faculty members at UPES Online well-qualified?

UPES Online University has a faculty of more than 450 members who possess broad expertise in their respective fields and conduct programs through live online lectures. The faculty are easily accessible for discussions and to provide explanations for any questions or concerns. Students can reach them during specified discussion sessions. The faculty assistance at this University has robust and efficient, with qualified teachers who effectively deliver concepts in their specialized areas.

Can i get LMS Support and Learning Pedagogyy at UPES Online ?

The university offers its own Learning Management System (LMS) known as ‘Blackboard Learn’. This platform provides students with various online learning features, including the capacity to attend live lectures conducted by faculty on weekends (to accommodate working students), access to lecture recordings for future reference, interactive tasks and quizzes, audio-visual and textual case studies, and discussion forums.

It assures that students receive a top-notch educational experience and actively interact with their professors and classmates. The students’ all-round development and education are prioritized, with the aid of innovative technological facilities. Furthermore, the university has established industrial alliances with prominent firms like IBM, Larsen & Toubro, the Aditya Birla Group, Tata, etc. This provides students with valuable opportunities to gain insights from industry leaders and learn about the operations of the business world.

Help-Desk SupportIndustrial Webinars
Digital Learning Materials
Live Lectures by Faculty Members
Live and Recorded LecturesDiscussion Forums
Case StudiesQuizzes

The combination of strong academic and Learning Management System (LMS) support at the University makes it a compelling choice for higher education.

Does UPES Online provide student support?

UPES Online University focuses offering of effective student support features to ensure that any concerns raised by students are addressed and resolved quickly. In order to address students’ concerns, a dedicated help desk has been established.

✅24/7 Students Support: The university offers a 24×7 virtual helpdesk for students, which can be accessed at https://helpdesk.upes.ac.in/. Students can expect to hear back from an official between one working day, excluding weekends.

✅Programme Managers: Each student is assigned a program manager and can be contacted for any inquiries, issues, or feedback regarding their course. you can contact the respective Programme Manager via chat or email.

✅Easy Accessible to Faculty : Students have the option to schedule a time slot with the faculty on a working day in order to seek help or clarify any doubts. Following the scheduled time, students may communicate with the faculty online. However, the reservation of a specific time slot must be made exclusively via the support desk or the program manager.

upes online lms support

UPES Online University offers excellent student support through a dedicated team of mentors who focus only on addressing concerns and answering queries. This ensures that you can easily contact them for assistance with any issues you encounter and expect a timely resolution.

Does UPES Online provide Placement Support ?

UPES CCE has a strong emphasis on offering placement support to students through expert and practical courses and teaching. Additionally, exclusive placement drives are organized for distance students. Graduates who have completed courses from Online UPES  frequently secure employment in top private and government organizations. The following is a list of such organizations:


Conclusion: Is UPES Online Good or Bad?

After considering all the factors and fully evaluating the university, it can be decided that UPES Online is an excellent choice for completing distance (blended) courses in the fields of management, information technology, energy, and petroleum studies. The university is highly reputable and offers essential amenities such as a Learning Management System (LMS), faculty support, student support resources, and placement assistance.

The key elements that make UPES Online a prestigious university are as follows:

  • UGC-Approved University 
  • NAAC Rated ‘A’ University
  • Excellence in Energy Studies field 
  • Well-Qualified and experienced Faculty
  • Affordable Courses and Easy EMI
  • Excellent LMS Feature
  • 24/7 Student Support Available
  • Excellence Placement Support


Are UPES Online degree globally accepted?

Yes. The degrees offered by UPES ON are recognized worldwide. Organizations such as World Education Services (WES) recognize and validate our degrees, making it easier for us to pursue opportunities in countries like the US and Canada.


What is the fee structure of Online mba at UPES Online?

The fee structure of UPES Online MBA are 

Programme fee: 35,000
Examination fee: 4,000 (per sem)

Total fee: INR 1,56,000 (all semesters)

Is Upes Online approved by UGC?

Yes UPES Online has been approved by UGC and accredited by AICTE

Is UPES online Degree Valid?

Yes. UPES’s online degree programs has the recognition and approval from the (UGC) and (DEB). This ensure that the education you obtain complies to the most demanding quality standards.

Can i get placement support at UPES Online?

Yes. Upes Online provide placement support beyond expectations. They provide comprehensive career guidance to help you explore career paths and clarify your goals. Creating an impressive resume is crucial, and their experts will help you create a great LinkedIn profile to boost your online professional profile. 

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