Amity University Online Review - Good or Bad?

amity university online review
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Deciding an Online College for further education is a significant decision, and it becomes even more challenging when there is lot of options to choose from.

Amity University earned a strong reputation in the field of education by continually offering high-quality education to students at all levels, starting at basic to professional. If you think about if pursuing a degree from Amity Online University is worth or not, you have come to the right place. Read to the full review below to figure out whether Amity Online University is the right choice for pursuing your higher education.

This detailed analysis of the Amity University online aims to provide you with an in-depth overview of its advantages, flaws and all relevant aspects. By doing so, we hope to help you to make an informed decision regarding your future.

Introduction Amity Online University

Amity University Online was established by the Amity Educational Group with the aim of providing accessible higher education to students nationwide and globally, overcoming the limits of time and place. With a track record of being a pioneer in online education, Amity Online has extensive experience in delivering high-quality digital learning.
The Online university received accreditations and approvals from various statutory bodies such as the UGC, NAAC, AICTE, AIU, and more. The university offers a wide range of resources to support student learning, including an advanced learning management system, partnerships with prestigious universities, extensive placement assistance, and mentorship programs. The university offers a diverse selection of courses, including BA, BBA, BCA, MBA, MCA, MCom and more.

Is Amity Online Degree valid or not?

Yes Amity Online degree is valid, The Amity Online University has approvals and accreditations from governing authorities such as the UGC, NAAC, AICTE, AIU, and various others. The university offers an integrated learning support system that includes a Learning Management System (LMS), partnerships with top Ivy League Universities, extensive placement support, and mentorship facilities. The university offers a diverse selection of courses including MBA, MCA, BBA, BCA, BA, and MCom.

Key factors of Amity Online University

The adoption of online platforms for providing education has grown because of the rapid growth of technology and the implementation of new approaches. Given a growing number of universities providing higher education only through digital means, choosing the best suitable online university for your professional objectives might be challenging. However, there are several queries that you have to ask while conducting study on the most optimum online university for your needs.

What are the Amity Online Recognitions and Approvals?

Amity Online University has been received approval by the UGC to provide online learning programs, making it the first university to receive such authorization. Currently, it holds many significant accreditations and recognitions from key statutory and accreditation entities, including:

  • UGC
  • NAAC A++
  • ACU
  • WES
  • AIU
  • BCI
  • Rank 35 by NIRF
  • QS World University Rankings
  • United Nations Development Programme 

Along with to these accreditations, the university holds other awards, recognition, and permissions. The degrees or diplomas earned at the university are fully valid and acceptable, serving as a beneficial boost to your educational credentials.

Affordable Fee Structure With Easy Payment Options

Amity Online University offers a wide range of courses at very reasonable costs, setting it apart from other online universities in India. One of the benefits of earning a degree online is the flexibility it offers to balance your professional commitments, optimizing the value of your investment. .

✅ Not only are the courses affordable, but the university also offers merit-based scholarships to students who achieve scores above 60%. These scholarships are awarded based on their academic performance.

✅ Amity’s online MBA program costs INR 1,79,000, much less than other top domestic and international universities’ similar programs.

✅ Free EMI is available to students. Deserving candidates can receive scholarships.

What are the Courses Offered by Amity Online?

Amity university online provide UG and PG degree programs Below are the list of online programs along with total fee 0ffered by Amity Online

Online CoursesTotal Fee
Amity online BBA1,60Lakh
Amity online MBA1.80Lakh
Amity online BCA1,45Lakh
Amity online MCA1,70lakh
Amity online B.com95000

Are the Faculty Well-Qualified or experienced at Amity Online?

✅ Amity Online University offers a highly qualified faculty, with the majority of professors having doctoral and other higher educational degrees.

✅ The university maintains partnerships with top global colleges and universities, including Ivy League institutions, and hosts renowned international guest lecturers. This brings students a valuable chance to interact with world-renowned professors and experts.

✅ The faculty at this institution possesses extensive experience in delivering online courses, rendering them highly skilled in this domain.

Does Amity Online provide LMS and Pedagogy Supports?

Amity Online University has a well-designed LMS with a user-friendly interface that lets students view their academic records, progress, and calendars. Students can also watch recorded lectures at their convenience to learn at their own pace.

How's the The University's conduct the Exams Framework?

A lot of students have concerns regarding the conducting of exams in an online classroom. It is crucial to assess both the framework and method of examinations and assessments.

1-Internal Assessment Component: This includes the digital tasks for the course that need to be submitted timely.

2-Term-End Exams: These exams are given through online distance learning, also known as ODL mode. Students have the opportunity to take these exams at the Amity exam centers, with slots being allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Amity Online University conducts yearly exams for all its online courses, in June and December. The evaluation and examination process at Amity Online is very flexible and responsive to student needs.

What types of student support are available at the university?

Amity Online University provides students with many resources, including convenient networks to communicate with the college’s administrators for tackling concerns and queries, personalized guidance, opportunities to attend lectures and webinars conducted by professors from  international institutions, including Ivy League colleges, and assistance with job placements. These facilities assist students to have an enjoyable educational experience and efficiently resolve any queries without any difficulties.

Does Amity Online provide Placement Supports?

Amity Online University offers a comprehensive placement support facility and a strong professional training framework to provide students with full assistance in improving their careers by developing their professional and soft skills. The organization hosts virtual job fairs to facilitate students’ engagement with leading industry recruiters and secure their desired employment. Below are the list of top recruiters

Amity Online programs Good or bad: Conclusion

Considering factors such as course fee, university accreditations, course options, and learning management system (LMS), it can be agreed that Amity Online University is an ideal option for pursuing online courses at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. 

The courses offered here are a good option for you to pursue, given their deep expertise in providing online education and the highly qualified and experienced faculty. The degrees earned from Amity Online are widely acknowledged in both academic and professional sectors. As an accredited and esteemed university, a qualification from Amity Online is a remarkable growth to your academic career.

FAQ: Related Amity Online Education

Is Online Amity University approved by UGC?

Yes, Amity Online University is approved by UGC

Is Amity Online University approved by AICTE?

No, Amity Online University is not approved by AICTE

Can i get scholarship option at Amity Online University?

Amity Online University offers merit scholarships starting at 60%. The university may also offer scholarships in special cases.

Does Amity Online Provide placement support?

Yes, Amity Online University offers online hiring events and professional training and support like CV building, webinars with experts, soft skill workshops, and more.

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