BITSAT Rank Predictor 2024

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The BITSAT Rank Predictor 2024 is a valuable tool that assists candidates in estimating their ranks based on their likely scores. Students can utilize the BITSAT 2024 rank predictor tool to plan ahead for their BITSAT counselling 2024. Prior to utilizing the BITSAT rank predictor tool, candidates have to calculate their scores utilizing the BITSAT answer key for the year 2024. The BITSAT 2024 session I exam is set to take place from May 20th to May 24th, 2024, while session II will be held from June 22nd to June 26th, 2024.

The BITSAT 2024 rank predictor utilizes past data and patterns to analyze students’ ranks with a high degree of precision and accuracy. The BITSAT 2024 rank predictor stores a comprehensive database of historical data and trends regarding parameters like marks, ranks, cut-off, closing ranks, etc. It is regularly updated.

It is important for aspirants to understand that the BITSAT rank predictor gives a predicted rank. BITS Pilani will publish the official ranks on their official website once the exam has been conducted.

BITSAT Rank Predictor Overview

The BITSAT rank predictor 2024 is an unique tool that calculates candidates’ rank by considering their expected scores. The BITSAT 2024 rank predictor utilizes multiple metrics, including historical data, marks, ranks, closing ranks, open ranks, and BITSAT cut off 2024, to estimate the ranks. It is important for candidates to understand that the BITSAT rank predictor provides estimated ranks that are as accurate as possible, but may not be exactly the same as the official ranks.

The final rankings of the students will be published on the official website of BITS Pilani,, after the completion of the exam. The BITSAT rank predictor tool regularly updates its databases to provide students with highly accurate results.

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How to Use BITSAT 2024 Rank Predictor?

The BITSAT rank predictor 2024 has several benefits. Candidates can use the BITSAT 2024 rank predictor by following these steps:

First, candidates must visit
Step 2: Candidates must click login/register on the landing page.
Step 3: Students must provide their full name, contact information, and desired branch or department.
Step 4: After registering and logging in, students must search for BITSAT and select the page.
Step 5: The BITSAT 2024 exam page appears.
Step 6: Candidates click the menu bar’s BITSAT rank predictor.
Step 7: Enter estimated exam scores and click ‘Next’ on the rank predictor page.
Step 8: The rank prediction BITSAT 2024 tool will display the result after clicking.

Benefits of Using BITSAT Rank Predictor 2024

The BITSAT rank predictor 2024 has many benefits. Candidates can see the advantages from applying the BITSAT 2024 rank predictor tool below:

Candidates must estimate their ranks using the BITSAT rank predictor tools until the 2024 result announcement.
Using the ranking predictor tool before will help students prepare for counseling.
The rank predictor can also help students choose a college during counseling.

Important Points

Aspirants for the BITSAT rank predictor 2024 tool must remember these key points:

The BITSAT rank predictor only predicts candidate ranks. The rankings are not final, so students should not consider them.
The BITSAT 2024 rank predictor relies on candidate scores. Thus, more accurate candidate scores improve rank prediction.
Candidates for the BITSAT exam must enter their scores carefully.

BITSAT 2024 Participating Colleges

BITS PilaniBITS Pilani, Goa Campus
BITS HyderabadNNIT University, Neemrana

BITSAT Marks vs Ranks 2024

BITSAT 2024 Marks (Expected)BITSAT 2024 Ranks (Expected)
351 – 399305 – 2319
301 – 3502320 – 8789
251 – 3008790 – 22441
226 – 25022442 – 32565
< 22522443 and above

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