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GLA Online MCA program turns your tech passion into a rewarding career. The extensive curriculum gives students cutting-edge software development skills and unparalleled career opportunities. This course will give you an edge in the job market as MCA graduates are in demand. Enroll Now !

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About GLA Online MCA

The online Master in Computer Applications (MCA) program offered by GLA Online is equally reputable and valid as the On Campus Degree (Regular). TThis online MCA program offers students with recent methods and technical information directly from the IT industry. The curriculum is meticulously designed to tackle essential software industry topics and enhance students’ problem-solving abilities in mathematics, computer science, communication/networking, and business.

Students for the online MCA degree must have a mathematics background at the graduation or 12th-grade level, as required by the institution. Alternatively, individuals without a background in mathematics can opt to enroll in a Basic Mathematics bridge course at GLA Online by paying an additional fee. This course is designed to ensure their eligibility for the online MCA degree.

The online postgraduate degree in computer applications offered by GLA Online enhances your professional prospects by enhancing your education resume and providing a strong academic foundation. Companies in both domestic and global industries are actively looking out graduates with an online Master of Computer Applications (MCA) degree from GLA Online.

The GLA University Online MCA program utilizes a digital approach that offers faculty members the advantage of personalized attention. In addition, students have the opportunity to engage with their professors and receive individualized feedback, which is essential for progressing towards their academic and professional objectives.

GLA University Online Approvals and Accreditations

ugc deb


Grade NAAC A


ACITE Approved

Bar council of India


IACBE Accrediation

Why Online MCA from GLA University?

✅ The Online MCA program at GLA aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques of computer applications.

✅ The curriculum places a strong emphasis on promoting moral behavior and making positive contributions to society, with the aim of equipping students to engage morally and actively in the corporate world.

✅ This curriculum aims to cultivate not only the necessary skills for students’ survival, but also professional in their behavior.

✅ Graduates of the course are in high demand in the job market, with the opportunity for increased salary and broader career prospects.

✅ Students are given with the necessary skills and mindset to address social challenges that intersect with the fields of business and society in a compassionate and morally upright manner.

✅ The curriculum prioritizes multitasking and real problem-solving skills, allowing students to effectively manage multiple projects together.

✅ The course enhances students’ practical awareness and problem-solving abilities by offering a pragmatic view of the global technology landscape.

✅ The program enhances students’ understanding of business and boosts their confidence.

✅ The course provides opportunities to access job sites, assistance in resume creation, simulated interviews, training in aptitude and soft skills, and an intensive professional development program.

GLA Online MCA Eligibility

In order to enroll in the Online MCA program at GLA University, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

✅ Obtain a degree from a reputable university.

✅An experience certificate is not compulsory.

✅Candidates are required to have a minimum score of 50% (45% for those belonging to special categories) in their undergraduate degree.

GLA Online MCA Fee (specialization wise)

Online MCA degrees at GLA University may have different fees. I can give you a brief idea of the program’s fees.

GLA online MCA degrees typically cost tuition, registration, examination, and other fees. The fee structure covers online course delivery, faculty support, online resources, and administration.

GLA Online MCA Syllabus

  • The Data Structure
  • Computer Management
  • OSs
  • Python programming
  • Developing software
  • Professional English–I
  • Values and Ethics
  • Practicals
  • Soft Skills—I
  • Lab Data Structures
  • Programming Lab Python
  • Lab for Computer Organization
  • Database Management System
  • Computer Networks
  • OO Programming
  • Professional English–II
  • Web tech
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Practicals
  • Soft Skills–II
  • OO Programming Lab
  • Tech Lab Web
  • Miniproject-I
  • Database Management System Lab
  • MS.Net Framework with C#
  • Intro to Machine Learning
  • Crypto & Network Security
  • Internet of Things
  • Environment Studies
  • Practicals
  • .Net Framework Lab
  • Machine Learning Lab
  • Crypto & Network Security lab
  • Lab Cloud Computing
  • IoT Lab
  • Mini Project-II
  • Industrial Training

Program Fees (*Year wise)

Online MCA

1st year


2nd year

Registration FeesINR 1000
Exam FeeINR 3,000INR 3,000
Course FeeINR 40,000INR 40,000
Alumni FeeINR 1000 (Additional one-time fee )

Admission Fee INR 80,000+ Exam fee INR 6000= Total Fee INR 86,000

(*Discounted fees applicable on lumpsum yearly fee payments.)

Program Fees (Semester wise)

Online MCA1st year SEM 11st year SEM 22nd year SEM 32nd year SEM 4
Registration FeesINR 1000
Exam FeeINR. 1,500INR 1,500INR 1,500INR 1,500
Course FeeINR 21,500INR 21,500INR 21,500INR 21,500
Alumni FeeINR 1000 ( Additional one-time fee )

Admission Fee INR 86,000+ Exam fee INR 6000= Total Fee INR 92,000

GLA Online Sample Certificate

Get a degree with the UGC-DEB certification after finishing the course.

  1. NAAC Accreditation Degree
  2. UGC and AICTE approved Degree
  3. NIRF 59 Ranked

GLA University Online Examination Pattern

GLA Online University administers examinations through online platforms. In accordance with the recent regulations regarding assessments for online degree programs, the university conducts online proctored examinations that utilize technology.

Job Roles after Online MCA from GLA

Obtaining an online Master of Computer Applications (MCA) degree in the current booming IT industry can provide promising career prospects for individuals at all levels of experience. The demand for IT professionals has significantly increased due to society’s increasing dependence on technologically-driven methods and solutions. By earning an online MCA degree, individuals can fulfill the requirements of this industry while also gaining access to attractive compensation packages and additional benefits offered by potential employers.

Here is an overview of several job positions that individuals with online MCA degrees can pursue, depending on their interests and expertise:

Job RolesAverage Salary (INR)
Hardware Engineer9.7 LPA
System Analyst9.9 LPA
Data Scientist14 LPA
Software Consultant8.3 LPA
Web Designer and Developer3.5LPA

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FAQ Related Online MCA from GLA

What is the Online MCA Course duration at GLA University?

The Online MCA from GLAcUniversity has duration of 24 Months

What is the total fee of GLA Online MCA program?

The total fee for Online MCA at GLA Online is

INR 86.000 (including Exam fee)

Is GLA Online mca degree valid?

Yes, GLA online MCA degree is valid and globally accepted as the University is approved by UGC and other government bodies

Can i get any concessions or scholarships from GLA Online??

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