Top 6 Online/Distance BBA Colleges in Delhi NCR

Delhi, India’s capital, is known for its culture and education. Online education is growing in recognition, and many top universities in Delhi offer top-notch online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs. BBA prepares students for business. Many students with a BBA specialize in management or start businesses. The following article will cover the top online BBA colleges in Delhi NCE, renowned for their top-notch education, faculty expertise, and dedication to nurturing future business leaders.

online bba colleges in delhi ncr

Online BBA Programs in Delhi NCR

Students most often study BBA after 12th grade in Delhi. For those who cannot complete a full-time BBA program because of financial, work, or personal issues.
Online BBA helps you to grow in business and marketing.
For business and management professionals, BBA online is the best option in the growing industry.

The Online learning BBA program is ideal for working professionals seeking professional development and job promotions.

BBA distance education enhances intellectual and analytical skills in management operations. The course lets you apply your theoretical knowledge to real-world work.

You can submit applications for better jobs in top companies through BBA to improve your professional life.

Students who have completed their Distance/Online BBA programs can pursue higher education, including an online MBA. Students can also pursue Ph.D. courses to conduct research on any BBA-related topic.

The Distance/Online BBA programs have received recognition from the UGC, the AICTE, and the IAU. The courses of study and syllabus of online learning and regular BBA programs are the same, and their value is determined by the UGC. Delhi, the capital of India, is home to several universities that offer distance education courses in BBA.

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List of top Online/Distance BBA Colleges in Delhi NCR

University BBA Fees
s/n Universities Name Fee (Semester)
1 Amity Online BBA INR 30,000
2 Manav Rachna Online BBA INR 25,000
3 GLA Online BBA INR 14,250
4 SGVU Distance BBA INR 10,000
5 Ignou Online BBA ###
6 Jamia Millia Islamia Online BBA INR 14,000

1. Amity Online BBA

Amity is one of the top private universities offering online programs. This is the most reputable online university. Students can choose flexible and familiar online programs. Amity offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various fields. The programs meet the needs of professionals and advanced students. The BBA program here meets student needs, Read More Amity Online BBA

Eligibility- Candidate must have passed 12 Degree from recognized School 

Approvals-UGC, NAAC A+ Grade, WASC, WES

Fee Structure-  Total fee INR 1,80,000, Semester wise INR 30,000

2. Manav Rachna Online BBA

The institute offers a UGC-approved Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program through online learning at the Centre for Distance and Online Education. The BBA program at Manav Rachna Centre for Distance and Online Education provides students with a broad and flexible curriculum that prepares them for success in various industries. This program prepares students with the skills and expertise they need to excel in their chosen field and adapt to changing needs of the business world. The institute offers high-quality online BBA programs with various specializations.

Eligibility- Candidate must have passed 12 Degree from recognized School 

Approvals- UGC, IQAS, WES, NAAC A++

Fee Structure-  Total fee INR 1,50,000, Semester wise INR 25,000

3. GLA University

GLA University has regularly participated in social initiatives since its establishment and has received numerous awards for its contributions to various aspects of society. GLA offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including an online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. The institute was founded with the aim of offering education to all segments of society. The university is renowned for its exceptional facilities. Read more- GLA Online BBA

Eligibility- Candidate must have passed 12 Degree from recognized School 


Fee Structure-  Total fee INR 95,000, Semester wise INR 14,250

4. SGVU Distance BBA

The three-year SGVU-DE BBA is integrated. With BBA enrollment, candidates can work in top corporations or pursue PG programs.

BBA students must take Computer Applications, basic business Law, Economics and Finance, Marketing, Finance, and Management. Students will improve their personality and learn interaction, logic, business management, presentation, and computer skills after completing the program.

Eligibility- 12 Degree from recognized School 

Approvals- UGC-DEB, NCTE, NAAC A

Fee Structure-  Total fee INR 60,000, Semester wise INR 10,000

5. IGNOU Online BBA

Students receive a comprehensive education in business management from IGNOU’s online BBA program. Popular among these programs, IGNOU’s BBA lets students specialize in commerce or service management. UGC-DEB and NAAC A++ accreditation from the Government of India and employers worldwide recognize IGNOU’s online BBA program.

Eligibility- 12 Degree from recognized School 

Approvals- UGC-DEB, WES NAAC A++, MHRD

Fee Structure-  Total fee INR ###

6. Jamia Millia Islamia Online BBA

The BBA program at Jamia Millia Islamia aims to offer current education and training to address the challenges of the ever-changing global business environment.

Eligibility- 12 Degree from recognized School 

Approvals- UGC-DEB, WES NAAC A++, MHRD

Fee Structure-  Total fee INR 84,500, Semester wise INR 14,000

Online BBA Specializations

Distance BBA Specializations
No. Specialization
1 Accounting
2 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
3 Healthcare and Hospital Management
4 Operations
5 IT and System Management
6 International Business
7 Finance
8 General Management
9 Import & Export
10 Sales and Marketing
11 Human Resource Management
12 Corporate Management
13 Agriculture Business Management
14 Retail Management

Online BBA Course Syllabus

Business Course Topics
No. Topic
1 Principles of Management
2 Business Laws
3 Financial and Management Accounting
4 Business Economics
5 Marketing Management
6 Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
7 Production and Material Management
8 Introduction to Operations Research
9 Business Data Processing
10 Business Mathematics and Statistics

Career Scope

Graduates of the Distance or Online BBA program have many career possibilities in the business industry. Candidates can apply for roles in finance, marketing, insurance, banking, accounting, and personality development.
You can also carry on positions like a marketing manager, sales chief executive, analyst, and executive market researcher with a distance/Online BBA Degree. The top leading job profiles for Online BBA degree holders include Financial Analyst, Human Resources , General Manager, and Sales Manager.

These Universities offer placement services to students at top companies such as Vivo India, Helix Tech,  Aviva, Bajaj Electricals, Tata Communication, Michelin, HCL
Students who complete the Distance BBA course might get their ideal jobs in these companies.
Students can also apply for government jobs in banks, etc.

Job Roles after Online BBA

Following are the potential Job roles student can join after Completing Online bba degree

Risk ManagementAuditing
OperationsBusiness Development
Treasury ManagementInvestment Banking
Law TaxationHuman Resources
MarketingFinancial Planning
Asset ManagementRetail Banking
Commercial ManagementIndustry Research
Budgeting and Planning 

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