Can i do MBA After 12th? Integrated MBA After 12th

can i do mba after 12

Is it possible to pursue an MBA after completing 12th grade? MBA programs usually require the having of a Bachelor’s degree as an entrance requirement. So the right away attempt to get an MBA after the c 12th grade is not possible.

In order to start an MBA program, it is essential that you complete a Bachelor’s degree program in any field, with a preference for business-related studies, from an accredited university or college. After the completion of your Bachelor’s degree, you are eligible to apply for an MBA program and fulfill the required admission criteria.

Meanwhile, people who have a drive towards starting on a professional path in the field of business or management might consider the pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in business management or a related domain following to the completion of their 12th grade year. This program will furnish you with a deep grounding in the principles of business and management, thereby preparing you for advanced studies or a professional career in this domain.

Is pursuing MBA after 12th is right career choice?

A specialized program known as an integrated MBA course combines undergraduate and graduate-level studies in the field of business administration. In general, students begin enrolled in the program afterfinishing of their twelfth grade and are able to complete both their undergraduate and graduate-level studies within a unified program. The typical duration for completion of this task is five years.

The MBA program offers students an integrated knowledge of business administration, the field of economics and other relevant fields. In addition, it includes hands-on experiences such as internships, projects, and case studies, which provide students with a practical understanding of the corporate environment.

What is Integrated MBA After 12th?

Integrated MBA programs are offered to students who have passed the 12th grade. In many cases, these programs integrate an undergraduate degree and an MBA within a single program. The integrated MBA program typically covers a duration of five years, with the initial three years allocated for undergraduate studies and the remaining two years dedicated to MBA studies.

Integrated MBA programs are specifically structured to offer students an in-depth understanding of basic business principles, essential leadership skills, and effective managerial approaches. Additionally, the institution provides students with the chance to acquire practical experience by means of internships and other experiential learning opportunities.

To pursue an integrated MBA program after completing 12th grade, it is necessary to conduct research on various educational institutions that provide such programs. It is advisable to carefully examine the admission criteria and qualifications before submitting an application. Additionally, it is suggested to engage in discussions with present students or former students of the program in order to acquire a more comprehensive comprehension of the program’s curriculum, faculty, and whole.

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What is the eligibility for Integrated MBA?

The criteria for eligibility in an integrated MBA course may differ between universities or institutions. However, the following are typical criteria for entry to an integrated MBA courses:

Educational Qualification: Candidates must have passed the 10+2 or similar exam from a recognised board with a minimum overall score of 50% (varies by institution).
Age: Most integrated MBA programs have no age limit. Some universities have age limits.
Entrance Exam: The Common Admission Test (CAT), Management Aptitude Test (MAT), and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) may be required.
English Language Fluency: Candidates must provide TOEFL or IELTS scores to prove English proficiency.
Personal Interview: Certain institutions conduct personal interviews to evaluate candidates’ communication, analytical, and program fit.

The eligibility requirements for an integrated MBA program vary by institution. Before applying, check with the college or institution for the latest qualifications.

Top Colleges for Integrated MBA After 12th

InstituteTotal Fees (INR)
IIM Ranchi16 lakhs
IIM Rohtak33.90 lakhs
IIM Indore
The first three years cost 17.05 lakhs, and the fourth and fifth years will cost PGP fees..
IIM Jammu16.06 Lakhs for first 3 years, (first-year MBA prevailing) for 4th and 5th years 
IIM Bodh Gaya

What is the Benefits of pursuing MBA After 12th

Early Start: An MBA after 12th grade may begin your career. You can learn about business and develop skills to succeed in the future.
Competitive Advantage: A early MBA can give you a job market advantage. You will have advanced expertise and abilities, making you a top industry candidate.
Networking: MBAs after 12th can provide networking opportunities. Exposure to professionals from different industries may assist you build a solid professional network that will benefit you.
An MBA may assist you develop strong entrepreneurial abilities, which can be useful if you want to start your own business.
Personal Development: An MBA can help you develop lifelong skills like management, making choices, interacting with others, and critical thinking.


Getting an MBA after 12th grade may not be right for everyone. It takes a lot of work, so some people may benefit from work experience before getting an MBA. Before choosing, consider the pros and cons.

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